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A young bull moose lets us get close.

A spring bear hunter took this photo while fishing.

The Bird River calls the canoe.

Coming along a young bull moose while canoeing Bird River.

A hike leads to yet another lake in Nopiming.

Nopiming Provincial Park - lots of black bears and a great place for a guided hunt.

Abundant wildlife in the Big Woods of Manitoba.

Crossing a creek to check out a deer hunting area.

A shy buck?

A snowy day at a great feeding area.

An end to an evening hunt during spring bear season.

Great spot to go fishing or waterfowl hunting.

Big Woods wilderness.

Canoeing on one of the 100's of lakes in our area.

A couple of kayakers head for the rapids.

A lovely photo taken by one of our spring bear hunters.

Bird River during spring black bear season.

Lovely scenery in Nopiming Provincial Park.

A Bird River waterfall.

A Nopiming black bear.

A great hunting spot for whitetail deer.

Superb wildlife habitat.

Whitetail deer in the Manitoba Big Woods.

Country roads - take me home

Great wildlife habitat along a creek.

A friendly fox waits for some lunch from the guides.

A nice buck on the move during the rut.

Our Environment
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