The whitetail deer in this area are of the Dakota and Northern Woodland species. They are the largest-bodied whitetail deer in North America, and live in the boreal forest and Canadian Shield country of southeastern Manitoba. This area consists of forested ridges, hills, swamps, creeks, rivers, and saddles, providing ideal habitat for whitetails.

It is an area of few hunters, and most deer die of old age or by timber wolves. (Your Big Woods deer hunt comes with a free timber wolf hunt included.) The rutting moon becomes a magical time in this forest. Due to the lack of hunting pressure, the deer rarely see humans. They are unaccustomed to treestands and travel throughout the daylight hours. Shots are close and calling is very effective, as the thickness of the bush and the curiosity of the deer will often lead them to your hunting stand.

Your typical day starts with rising at approximately 5 a.m., wearing and taking along whatever is appropriate for the day, and having a hearty hot breakfast. Your guides will also prepare you for the day ahead by supplying you with a tasty bagged lunch.

Your guide will then take you to your hunting area before sunrise. Depending on the exact location, as we will have treestands set up in different locations, you may walk or be transported by ATV or canoe to your stands. Legal deer hunting time starts one-half hour before sunrise.

All of our treestands are commercially produced and recently purchased. Most are large ladder stands, but we also use portable fixed, hanging stands with climbing sticks. They are situated about 15 feet above ground on prime scouted whitetail deer trails.

You are responsible for bringing your own safety harness and other safety equipment to ensure your utmost level of confidence and security. Depending on the situation, we may provide ground blinds as another option. You may also choose to still hunt.

The whitetail deer in the Big Woods are not accustomed to humans. We have had great success with calling, whether bleating, grunting, and/or rattling. The denseness of the bush draws the deer in relatively close, with most shots taken in the 5- to 50-yard range.

We will pre-arrange a time to pick you up, but you can also be equipped with a 2-way radio if you do not have mobile phone coverage. We will track and/or field dress your deer as quickly as possible after your shot.

After an exhilarating day in the Big Woods, we will then take you back to the lodge, where you will enjoy a delicious hot supper and, possibly, some enthusiastic accounts of great hunting experiences!

You can download or view the Manitoba Hunting Guide at the Manitoba government website. Click on the link for Non-Residents for links to valuable visitor information, such as the Canada Border Services Agency and the Canadian Firearms Center or you may do so here. Manitoba requires hunters to show a Hunter Education/Safety Certificate in order to purchase a hunting licence.

If you are looking for one of the best wilderness deer hunts and get just as excited about the rutting moon as the deer and we do, we know that you will enjoy your Big Woods experience, hunting with us and the wolves.

Harvesting a Big Woods whitetail deer means that you have beaten the wolf!

Just ask yourself, "Why would I hunt a farm field or a food plot or inside a fence when I can go hunt with the wolves up in the Big Woods?"

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Big Woods Wilderness Outfitters also offers spring and fall black bear hunts in our outstanding area in southeastern Manitoba. Please visit our BEAR HUNTING page for more information about hunting black bears with us.

You can also take advantage of our fall combo hunts including black bear, timber wolf, and archery whitetail deer.

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Guide dragging nice buck, but could use ATV where needed.

Sighting in rifles beforehand to make that shot count!

Comfortable ladder stands with large platform and soft seat.

Making use of a ground blind during rifle deer season.