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We are lucky to be situated in a beautiful Canadian Shield wilderness area that is remote, yet easily accessible. While we are 45 miles from the closest town, the highways (of which the last 20 miles are gravel) and roads take us fairly quickly into the Big Woods.

The forest is comprised of spruce, fir, jackpine, tamarack, aspen, birch, willow, ash, oak, and a variety of berried shrubs, perennial wildflowers, mosses, ferns, and lichens. The beautiful Bird River, a Manitoba designated canoe route, provides excellent wildlife habitat and hunting opportunities.

Depending on the temperatures, we can also take advantage of canoeing the river to more remote hunting areas. Area creeks and tributaries also provide incredible habitat to all sorts of wildlife. All combine to provide excellent opportunities for hunting, photography, and an enjoyable wilderness experience.

Aside from a handful of photos taken by our clients, all of the photos on our website were taken in our area, in and around Nopiming Provincial Park. These are not stock or purchased photographs, but rather indicate the vast opportunities available to view some awesome landscapes and abundant wildlife.

Please Contact Us for information on booking your wilderness black bear or whitetail deer hunt today. Let us be your outfitter and don't forget to bring your camera!

nopiming park manitoba black bear habitat

nopiming black bear habitat manitoba canada

whitetail deer hunting season Manitoba

silver fox in big woods bear and deer hunting area

A silver fox crossing a Big Woods road

nopiming park lake

black bear habitat in big woods hunting area

whitetail deer trail in big woods wilderness hunting area

big beaver house in whitetail deer habitat manitoba

rapids bird river hunting area

bear and deer hunting Manitoba

fishing hunting bear deer guides Manitoba Canada

deer hunting guides Manitoba Canada

canoeing bird river through bear and deer hunting area

Manitoba Canada hunting habitat bear deer


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Manitoba red fox during deer hunting season

deer bear hunting moose habitat Manitoba Canada

manitoba black bear while eating

moose in big woods hunting territory

whitetail deer doe and fawn

timber wolf in big woods bear and deer hunting area

A hungry timber wolf searches some prey.

manitoba whitetail deer habitat canada

hunting along the river in Manitoba

Deer habitat Big Woods Manitoba

tulabi falls nopiming park manitoba

bear and deer habitat and hunting area

bird river canoeing with guides

A calm day on the river calls for the canoe.

rapids along bird river manitoba canada

bird river canoeing bear hunting area

ruffed grouse in big woods hunting area

big woods eagle during deer hunting season

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